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Chaweng Beach

Stretching for seven kilometers, the picturesque Chaweng Beach can be found in the northeastern part of Samui. This is the most popular place for visitors to soak up the sun, and cool, clear water is ideal for swimming in and practicing water sports such as snorkeling and sailing.

Chaweng Beach is lined with a large number of vibrant bars and restaurants, making this a popular place to hang out in the evening. The main road that stretches along the beach is also lined with stalls selling everything from souvenir t-shirts to sandals and suntan lotion, while other attractions in the area include the Thai Boxing Stadium, Bungy Jump and the vibrant Reggae Pub, which regularly hosts live bands.


Another popular place to relax and unwind for a while, Lamai Beach can be found just 10kms to the south of Chaweng. This is one of the best places to practise water sports on Samui, and a large number of companies offer to hire out equipment to those who want to try their hands at windsurfing, parasailing, waterskiing, kite boarding and a wide range of other types of water sports.

Bo Phut

The perfect place to chill out for a while, Bo Phut features a small yet inviting stretch of sand, where lovers hand wander hand in hand while soaking up the atmosphere. This area is slightly more up market than Chaweng and Lamai and offers stylish chalets and resorts as well as gourmet dining. A number of the bars here also offer evening entertainment such as live music and pub quizzes.

Choeng Mon

One of Samui’s smallest beaches, Choeng Mon can be found on the very northeastern tip of the island. Luxurious hotels overlook this enchanting secluded bay, and this is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Ao Tong Takian

Also known as Silver Beach because of its powdery white sand, Ao Tang Takian attracts those who appreciate pure peace and quiet. The crystal clear water that laps the shore here is full of colorful coral, making this a great place for snorkeling.

Secret Buddha Garden

Set in Samui’s captivating hills, the Secret Buddha Garden is often referred to as Uncle Nimm’s Magic Garden. Surrounded by the intense natural beauty of a jungle ravine, visitors will have the chance to witness stunning statues of Lord Buddha as well as a wide range of mythical creatures, while the large and lovely garden also contains a number of cottages and manmade waterfalls.

Visitors should note that the road leading to the Secret Buddha Garden is extremely steep and visitors will either need to hire a four-wheel drive vehicle or travel here as part of a guided tour of Samui.

Samui South

This area of the island has not seen as much development as the northern region and is largely covered with coconut groves and traditional Muslim fishing villages. This is the perfect place to explore independently by motorbike or four-wheeled vehicle, both of which can be hired by the day for surprisingly low rates.

Visitors will want to take time to soak up the sun on the secluded beaches here such as the picturesque Thaling Nam Bay, while Samui South also features a large number of enchanting temples and the food stalls and restaurants here are excellent places to sample traditional southern Thai cuisine.

Naga Pearl Farm

A great place to learn all about how pearls are cultivated, the Naga Pearl Farm can be found on the island of Matsum, just a 30-minute boat ride from Samui. This is also a great place to purchase pearl products, including intricate jewelry.

Matsum Island is a place of intense natural beauty, and visitors will want to allow plenty of time to explore before returning to Samui. Strolling along the beach is a particularly popular activity here, while there are some excellent restaurants and other amenities for visitors to make use of here.

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